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Why I never custom code a website

When building a WordPress website below are the three most common ways to build a site.

  1. Custom coded website
  2. Pre-built templates
  3. Bare Bones theme with customisation tools

I choose to work with option 3 and here’s why.

Templates limit the customisation you can achieve; they often look very generic and can be riddled with bugs. You are at the whim of the template creator for support and regular updates. Many template themes are built by small companies who don’t update their themes for the latest website security.

I could custom code from scratch, but I choose not to, as I can provide customers a more affordable, completely customised website design by taking this step and cost out. Their site still stands out from their competitors, just with a more affordable price tag.

My weapon of choice is a bare bones theme that I can completely customise. I use tools that are created by companies that update their themes and plugins regularly so I can be sure that the latest security protocols are being implemented on your website, keeping you safe from hackers. They employ teams of security and hacking experts that are on top of the latest security threats and system bugs. What I can purchase from them at a low cost would take me weeks to do in a custom build. Most importantly, I would never have the time to stay up-to-date with all the tech and security changes – there’s just so many!

A common misconception that lead people to spend extra for custom built themes, is they believe they need to do this to achieve a completely custom website. These days, there are so many incredible plugin tools on the market, that I can create a custom website without having to spend hours coding a site from scratch. A tailored website can be achieved in less time and for less investment (we’re talking from $3,500 instead of $8,000 plus, or $1200 if you join a WordPress Masterclass)!

The main reason I choose the customisable template approach to building websites (and perhaps the most important one) is to give my clients complete access, control and independency in the management of their website (if they want it … of course I’m always here to help). This hands the power over to them if they need to make website edits, and YouTube has plenty of easy-to-follow tutorials on all the tools and plugins I use should they need, of which I’m always happy to share! I’m passionate about empowering my clients, not locking them into a website lifespan of dependency on me.

If you’re thinking it is time for a new website but don’t want to break the bank, let’s chat over coffee. I can build the site for you, or you can join my new 4 week ‘WordPress Masterclass workshop where we build your site together. Call 0433 321 025 or email

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