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WordPress For the Win

Of all the websites in the world, 33.6% of them are built on WordPress. And that number is steadily growing. Here’s why … 

It’s easy to use
It’s no secret that I think WordPress is the bee’s knees, but with good reason. It’s simple to use and because its one of the most popular website content management system (CMS), it’s likely that many of my clients are already familiar with the back end.

Most of my websites are built using a bare bones theme and then I add in editing tools. Not only are they brilliant tools, but I choose them because there is also a bank of YouTube how-to videos about them. So, if my clients are ever inspired to make changes to their websites that I haven’t trained them on, there’s a high chance that someone in the magical world of YouTube can step in and help them through it.

Because of its popularity, there are so many innovations being added to the WordPress repository daily. What you can build on a website is only limited to the imagination (and then reality checked by the science of user experience).

Being popular, WordPress is susceptible to more hack attempts. However, as long as you update your website, plugin tools and ideally your passwords regularly, WordPress is very secure. Hacks are usually only successful on websites that haven’t been maintained, or those that upload untrusted plugins and themes. There are extra security tools available to purchase if you require an extra safety on your website. I have worked on oodles of sites and never had a client’s website effected ‘Touch wood’.

Cost effective
With so many themes and tools available, the cost of the site itself is relatively inexpensive. Most of the price tag comes from having a developer create your site. And this is where the value lies. I’m a big believer in you pay for what you get. Having someone who understands the science of how people use websites, is up-to-date on the latest SEO, security and design requirements is absolutely worth it. There are often no ongoing fees other than website hosting, unless you have installed a plugin that has an annual subscription. Most other platforms charge you monthly or yearly for your website to be active, and then you have to become a website developer overnight to create a website!

WordPress has always been at the forefront of building websites for SEO optimisation. There are some amazing tools that enable users to understand and implement the data they need to input for on- and off-page optimisation. vs
I build all of my websites on the platform. is an open sourced platform, where website creators can completely customise their website using any theme and plugin. The hosting can also be purchased from any provider and all websites are built using a unique domain. on the other hand is a hosting provider where you can build a WordPress website, but there are limitations. You get a limited number of plugins and themes and unique domain names are premium upgrades. I don’t recommend this option.

If you want to build a WordPress website, then let’s chat about how I can help. I work with clients in many ways from complete new builds, redesigns,  finishing websites they’ve been brave enough to attempt and workshops where we build your website together.  Call 0433 321 025 or email


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